We are a naturopathic clinic specialising in nutrition and traditional herbal medicine

Our consultations are practical, evidence based and provide you with a clear course of action. We work with you to help provide support for your condition or illness. Face to Face and Zoom Consultations available.

Our specialism is in Anxiety, fatigue, digestion and hormonal issues
Digestion and elimination

Poor digestion, reflux, bloating, gas, alternating diarrhea or constipation. There are a number of causes and there are also a number of options in addressing these.

Anxiety and Fatigue

We have successfully worked with clients to help reduce anxiety and fatigue. Our approach involves looking at causes and using nutrition and herbal formulas to help recovery.

Hormonal balance

Menopause, PMT, menstruation, fertility or prostate problems. Nutrition and plant medicine have been shown to address hormonal imbalances and help clients feel better.

Nutritional and Herbal Information
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