We are a naturopathic clinic specialising in nutrition and traditional herbal medicine

We strive to be practical, evidence based and to have clear courses of action. We work with you in partnership to find a way through whatever issue you are facing.

Our specialism is in Anxiety, digestive problems and hormonal issues
Digestion and elimination

Poor digestion, reflux, bloating, gas, alternating diarrhea or constipation. There are a number of causes and there are also a number of options in addressing these.

Anxiety and Stress

Nutirtional therapy along with plant based therapies can provide support for anxiety and stress.

Hormonal balance

Menopause, PMT, menstruation, fertility or prostate. Nutrition and plant medicine may support a struggling system.

Nutritional and Herbal Information
Yarrow for strong hair and nails
Yarrow for nail health

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Support the liver with lemons, apples, kale and broccoli
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Black Cohosh may help with menopausal symptoms
How can Naturopathy help hormone balance?

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