We are a naturopathic clinic specialising in Chronic Fatigue, Hormone imbalance, Anxiety & Depression

We provide you with a personalised plan to help your recovery. Plans are always at your pace and what you can manage with both of us working together on your issue. Face to Face and Zoom Consultations available. Young people and teenagers also seen.

Our specialism is finding the cause of your problem and working at your pace to address it. We also work with children and teenagers.
Long covid, post-viral fatigue and Lyme's Disease

Post-viral illnesses have a lot in common, but not everyone has the same symptoms - fatigue, low mood, insomnia, anxiety, digestive issues, intolerance of light or sound, ringing in the ears. Herbal approaches are personalised to address your particular issue.

Anxiety and Fatigue

Stress, mood problems, anxiety and insomnia have many causes. We identify the cause and develop a naturopathic plan for you to get back in control. We have used a combined approach of herbs and nutrition with many clients and have been successful in helping them back on track.

Hormonal balance

Menopause, PMT, PCOS, menstruation, fertility or prostate problems. There are many plants used for hormone balance in both general and complementary medicine. Saw palmetto, wild yam, agnus castus and black cohosh are all plants which have been shown in independent trials to be effective.

Nutritional and Herbal Information
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