Naturopathy is about being proactive with your health.  Taking action to stay well.  Supporting your body to help itself. Have a look at some of our programmes and give us a ring if you need more information.

Nutritional NCT

Every time you look at your phone, laptop, TV or newspaper there is so much information about what you should eat, how you should exercise, what supplements you should use, which diet you should try.  In the end it all gets so overwhelming you give up trying or start a few supplements, but you are not really sure why.

Why not book a one hour consultation by Skype or face to face?  More here:

Kitchen Cupboard Audit

There is so much information and it can be expensive and hard to be good.  Many people have trouble understanding and comparing food labels, so the battle to be good get’s even harder.  Why not get a Kitchen Cupboard Audit?  More here:

You can tell a lot from your mouth

Your mouth is inextricably linked to your stomach and gut.  The health of your gums can determine your future health and your diet can determine your mouth health.  Book a consultation to discuss mouth friendly diets and to see what can be done to help with any issues.  More here: