There are many herbs that may help with anxiety, stress and overactive minds.  Each herb works in a different way and it is for this reason that we often combine a number of herbs into a formula so that they work together to provide an effect.

Studies have shown herbs like skullcap, rhodiola and passionflower can all help with anxiety. Some calm the mind and stop the endless lists; others relax and reduce anxiety, without reducing energy or cognition (Brock et al, 2013) and others help with dopamine and serotonin in the brain – calming and strengthening.

I also love Gota Kola, an Indian herb shown to help with memory and anxiety and Ashwagandha another fantastic herb for energy, anxiety and general wellbeing.

There are many more herbs offering natural help for anxiety I haven’t mentioned, such as lemon balm, hawthorn, and lime flower.  Depending on the person we may add any of these into the formula.  Herbs never do just one thing and so we take a lot of time matching the herb to the person and to their different ailments.  This is part of the skill of the consultation – take the right herb for you and you will see results.

It is also important to find the cause of the problem and to identify and address any contributing factors.  These may be lifestyle or nutrition related and will be identified as part of the process.  This combination of a full review, an actionplan and, if required, a herbal formula will considerably help the condition.

If you are suffering from anxiety, consider trying a herbal formula first – ideally for around three months (each formula lasts around three weeks to a month).  If you want to enquire further, just give us a call and we can talk it through further with you.  Or make a consultation for a full review of your constitution including which herbs will work best for you.  Some herbs have contraindications depending on medicines and conditions – this is also considered as part of the overall review.   On the basis of this information we will provide you with a formula and an action plan so that you can start your programme immediately.  Email us on to set up an appointment which can be face-to-face or on-line.