Sleep can be complex and involves many factors including:

  • Quieting the mind
  • Removing electronic devices
  • A dark and quiet room (in as much as possible).
  • Good nutrition
  • Removal of stimulants such as coffee, energy drinks etc before bedtime
  • Removing alcohol.
  • Other lifestyle factors and your personal constitution

It is clear from the above that there are elements you can easily do yourself.  The addition of a herbal can really help with a good night’s sleep.  Sleep may be difficult for a variety of reasons and in developing the formula we are mindful of these factors.  That is why the formula is developed following a full consultation, so that it is personalised to you and your particular issues. 

There are many herbs I like as natural supports for sleep – passionflower, Californian poppy, oats, chamomile, hops and mullein.  They have to be chosen carefully however, as some have contraindications depending on the person, their constitution and their condition.  It is always advisable, therefore to visit a registered herbalist before you take any herb. 

If you are having sleeping issues it is always a good step to consider sleep hygiene, diet and to try a herbal formula before anything else.  We ideally suggest a three-month protocol. 

If you want to enquire further, just give us a call and we can talk it through further with you.  Or make a consultation for a full review of your constitution including which herbs will work best for you.  We will also look at possible contraindications with medicines and conditions as part of this overall review.   On the basis of this information we will provide you with a formula and an actionplan so that you can start your programme immediately.  Email us on to set up an appointment which can be face-to-face or on-line.