Is Naturopathy an alternative treatment?

Naturopathy is known as a complementary therapy.  It offers natural solutions and works alongside traditional medicine to support the person.  Some complaints can be treated naturally, but in more serious illnesses, naturopathy complements conventional medicine in supporting the body.

Why do I get so many questions when I visit a Naturopath?

Naturopaths treat the whole person and so gather information about parts of your body.  Everyone is unique and it is important for the naturopath to understand this difference in each person.  Natural treatment plans are developed based on this uniqueness and targeted at specific needs.

I have a skin complaint but my Naturopath is treating my liver.  Why?

Naturopaths treat the disease, not the symptom.  By establishing what is causing the skin problem, we can propose a more effective treatment.

When I go to a Naturopath my tongue is checked as well as my skin and nails.  Why?

The body has many signs and clues for the Naturopath.  Tongue, skin and nails all tell their own story about different aspects of your body.  Try watching changes in your tongue colour, for example and you will see yourself change as a result of diet, exercise and stress!

My friend and I went to the Naturopath with the same problem, but we came away with different treatment plans.  Why?

Naturopathic treatments focus on the individual and are personal to each client.  Current physical and mental state, energy levels and overall health are all taken into account when coming up with a natural solution for you.

Can I bring my child to a Naturopath?

Yes you can!  In fact because naturopathy works with the body to encourage it to heal itself, children respond very quickly to treatment.