There are many causes of anxiety. It might be your natural chemistry, it can be stress, lack of sleep, gut imbalance and even an incorrect diet! Our job is to understand which one of these it is and then work with you on an action plan, which may include nutrition, lifestyle and supplements.

Both herbs and supplements can help with anxiety, stress and overactive minds.  We identify which supplements may help and which herbs are appropriate.

Studies have shown herbs like skullcap, rhodiola and passionflower help calm the mind and stop the endless lists; relax and reduce anxiety, without reducing energy or cognition (Brock et al, 2013) and help with dopamine and serotonin in the brain – calming and strengthening.

I also love Gota Kola, an Indian herb shown to help with memory and anxiety and Ashwagandha another fantastic herb for energy, anxiety and general wellbeing.

There are many more herbs offering natural help for anxiety I haven’t mentioned, such as lemon balm, hawthorn, and lime flower.  It all depends on you and your particular issue!

Supplements are important too – the B vitamins, magnesium and zinc are all essential in times of stress. We will look at these as part of your consultation and make recommendations as necessary.

This combination of a full review, an actionplan and nutritional or herbal supplements as required has really helped many of my clients to just feel normal again.

Email us on to explore options for you. Appointments can be face-to-face or on-line.