Sleep can be complex and involves many factors including:

  • Quieting the mind
  • Removing electronic devices
  • A dark and quiet room (as much as possible).
  • Good nutrition
  • Removal of stimulants such as coffee, energy drinks etc before bedtime
  • Removing alcohol.
  • Other lifestyle factors and your personal constitution

It is clear from the above that there are things you can easily do yourself.  But we all know the times when that isn’t enough!

This is where a naturopathic plan comes into play with actions around lifestyle, diet, nutritional and herbal supplements aimed at getting a good night’s sleep.

Think of plants like passionflower, californian poppy, oats, chamomile, hops and mullein in tea or tincture form! Each of these alone or in combination can assist sound sleep. 

Of course it also depends why you aren’t sleeping, so naturopathic recommendations such as epsom salt baths, lavender sprays, not eating or exercising too late and staying away from computers are also considered as part of the consultation.

We are all individual and so are our sleep patterns. It is important to see what is yours and then work to get it back on track if it has gone off kilter.

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