All of us feel stressed at some stage in our lives and, in fact, stress is a natural response to situations on a given day.  We all need a little bit of stress to get us motivated and occasional stress helps us to grow and develop.

Stress becomes a health issue, however, when it has been experienced for a long time.  Chronic stress tends to be at a lower level of intensity than immediate stress, but gradually over time it can weaken the immune system, disturb sleep, impact energy levels and affect overall health.

Unfortunately, in stressful situations, the things that suffer most are nutrition, relaxation and sleep!  As naturopaths we support somebody who is experiencing prolonged stress.  This is achieved through sleep programmes, lifestyle changes, nutritional analysis and herbal formulas.

The stressful situation may not always go away.  However, how we support ourselves as we experience it is important in being able to sustain energy, support the immune system and mind ourselves.

At Fresh Perceptions, we work with you on managing the situation at a physical level – you can go into as much or as little detail you like about where you find yourself.  We look at the physical impact of this stress and seek to support your different body systems as they cope with what is going on in your life.

What does this mean?  We look to see does your diet support your hormones and immune system – always important in managing the stress response.  We look at relaxation, exercise and how you get away (if only briefly from the pressure).  Finally, we may give you a supportive herbal formula, but that is up to you!

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