Nutrition and traditional herbal medicine can help with many hormonal imbalances.  Conditions include:

PCOS, PMS, Painful periods or cycle disturbances, which in many cases can be assisted with nutritional and herbal strategies.

Menopause can cause problems for some women.  It is a natural state, but one accompanied by changes in the body.  This can include cycle disturbances, anxiety, low mood, hot flashes and low energy.  Some people have found nutritional and herbal solutions to help manage their symptoms.  It certainly is a good place to start!

Men also experience physical changes as they age, ranging from urinary problems, to low energy.  Here too nutritional and herbal options may help.  Specifically a number of plants have been researched to show benefit for benign prostate hyperplasia.

We know it sounds very matter of fact, but a good diet, adequate sleep, rest and relaxation, as well as good liver function may all help with hormonal imbalances.  On top of that we use herbal formulas – personalised for your particular needs.  Many plants have proven effective in supporting hormonal health.  We draw on these evidence based herbs to support you.

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