Food is very confusing these days.  Healthy foods, unhealthy foods, processed/unprocessed, vegetarian/vegan/non-vegetarian, additives, E numbers, kilocalories, kilojoules, hidden sugars, food sourcing – where do you start?

Why not book a Kitchen Cupboard Audit?  We will come to you and help with a review of your kitchen cupboard, shopping list or shopping habits.  Topics covered include:

  1. Making sense of food labels
  2. Comparing foods
  3. Best food sources
  4. Foods to avoid
  5. The Dirty Dozen (foods with most pesticides)
  6. Sugar detective – where sugar is hiding
  7. Balance between sugar, fats and protein
  8. Portion sizes
  9. Food balancing

Fee: €80 for one hour.  Skype Option – €70 for one hour.

Why not get us to give a talk at a get together?  In addition to the above, we can also include pH testing – how acidic or alkaline is your gut? and what should you do about it. (test is non-invasive).

Cost: €90 per hour.

Contact us now to set up an appointment.  (please note Dublin 2, 4, 6, 14, 16 at present).