If you’ve ever had a virus you’ll know it takes time to bounce back – typically three to four weeks. But sometimes that doesn’t happen and whether it is SARS-CoV-2, Epstein-Barr virus or the flu, you can’t seem to get back to normal.

There is a lot of research at the moment into the causes of Long Covid, but unfortunately no simple answers. I hear many people on the radio feeling abandoned, waiting for their appointment, but never considering other options in the meantime.

I have worked with post-viral fatigue clients using herbal medicine to help with foggy brain, fatigue, lack of energy, poor sleep and other issues as they try to recover. Every case is individual and focused on the person’s needs and honestly at times progress can be slow. This is because viral illnesses take their toll on the body and so it takes time to get right. But progress is possible. When I hear someone saying no-one can help – it is possible that is true, but for many there is help available and I feel so sad for these people that they don’t consider these options because help is there.

As I said though, there is no magic bullet. All treatments take time and commitment to doing what is needed. Because of that some people give up. But if you are suffering from Long Covid, or if you know someone who has post-viral fatigue, please get in touch to see whether a naturopathic approach might be an option for you.

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