We see a lot of people with digestive issues.  Many of these can be addressed by changing eating habits, what they eat or drink and by reducing stress.

A range of herbal remedies may also provide relief on specific issues.  Remedies to choose from include herbs to relax and help with anxiety to those which work on excess acid, bloating, wind, gas, nausea and general indigestion.

There are, however, some quick things that you can do for yourself, which may help your digestion.

  1. Chew your food, don’t hoover it!

You’ve heard it before “chew your food!”.  There is a scientific basis for this on a number of levels.  Chewing food breaks it down into smaller pieces making it easier for the stomach and small intestine to do their work.  In addition, saliva contains an enzyme called amylase.  Amylase starts the process of breaking down carbohydrates in the mouth – again allowing the stomach work better.

Another reason to chew your food is to give your brain time to catch up!  Expansion of the stomach due to the presence of food sends a signal to the brain which turns off the “hunger” feeling, but this process takes time.  If you eat too quickly or hoover your food, you may overeat.

  1. Start your meal with bitters

As we age our digestive enzymes often decrease.  Starting your meal with bitter foods, such as a bitter salad of rocket, chard and dandelion leaves helps to get digestive juices flowing.

  1. Water is good, but not too much!

Many people are conscious of the need to drink adequate amounts of water.  However, drinking too much WITH your meal can cause problems as the water may dilute your stomach acid.  This can be a problem if you already suffer from low stomach acid.  Small sips are fine, but do watch your water intake at mealtimes.

  1. Avoid acidic foods

Some foods can increase stomach acidity, which can result in reflux and stomach acids.  Avoid foods such as black coffee, alcohol. peppers/chilis, sugary foods and even citrus fruits.

  1. Wind/Bloating?

Some foods can cause wind and bloating.  It is important to try to understand this problem.  It may be due to a food intolerance, imbalance of gut microbes or other issues.  Fennel seeds or tea after a meal may help.

  1. Ongoing digestive problems?

It is always important to find the cause of digestive problems and to seek support.  Contact us at info@freshperceptions.com or tel: 087 813 8500 to make an appointment.


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