The bad weather over the weekend got me thinking about wind.  Not the storms and gales we have experienced, but the human variety!

It’s a natural phenomenon, but one which we find embarrassing.  When you visit us at Fresh Perceptions Health, one of the questions we ask is whether you have wind and how it manifests in you.  Regardless of any discomfort this question might cause, it is important to answer it as truthfully as possible.

Addressing the problem, not the symptoms

As I have said before, naturopathy is about trying to find the cause of your symptoms, rather than just addressing the symptoms themselves.  If we just address the symptoms, they will return.  However, if we can find the cause, there is a better chance of addressing your problem.

So why do we ask this question? As naturopaths, wind and the degree to which you experience It, tells us a lot about what is happening in your body.  Bloating, belching, cramping all point to imbalances that can be addressed.   Severity of the wind, smell, duration along with factors such as constipation or diarrhoea are all vital information and can inform us with regard to food intolerances, food sensitivities, low stomach acid, stress and much more.

What is your Constitution?

In our clinic we use a mixture of Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine.  In the Ayurvedic tradition, one constitution is more prone to wind than others.  This constitution is called VataVata types are made of air and ether, so as you can imagine they tend to be light, creative, like physical movement and sometimes have good, sometimes bad digestion.   Telling us you have a lot of air, may indicate for us (along with other factors) that you are Vata.   In Ayurveda there are two other constitutions – Pitta, which is made of fire and water; and Kapha made of water and earth.  All three constitutions require different recommendations even for the same symptoms.  While Vata often needs recommendations to ground them, Kapha types often need the opposite and Pitta (fire) often need cooling.

Using food to support your Constitution

Ayurveda uses food medicinally and it is interesting to see how different foods can throw our individual constitution off balance.  For example, giving Pitta types spicy or deep fried foods (which they often like) can actually worsen many of their symptoms.

If you would like to understand your Ayurvedic constitution and understand the best nutritional, naturopathic and exercise options for you, make an appointment to see us at Fresh Perceptions Health in Dublin.  We’ll work with you naturopathically to find the best solution for you.  As always everything we do is based on diet, herbal solutions and common sense.

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